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Service Desk

Design and implement a network infrastructure that suits your business needs. By using us for customized service desk support, we become your one-stop shop for all user IT issues.

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Customized Hybrid
IT Service

Choose an integrated approach to IT managed services. Our hybrid IT service allows you to set up private cloud and public cloud services that offer more flexibility.


Hosting Services

Is your data security and easily accessible? Turn to our company for private hosting services that ensure
your data is backed up and always available.

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CIO Services

Improve all aspects of your IT infrastructure by depending on our company for virtual CIO services. We ensure your existing and future products meet the criteria for your business.

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About Our IT Company in Jacksonville, Florida

Manage the IT side of your business the easy way. Trust the area’s leading IT consultants in Jacksonville, Florida. Since 2004, our reputable IT company has a long standing history of providing exceptional customer support and innovative managed services. SecureSI manages everything from fully based cloud computing services and hybrid IT models to virtual CIO and on-premise equipment.

Personalized IT Managed Services

Our dedicated information technology staff puts your needs first and actively establishes a trusted relationship with you. What does that mean? It means we understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all model. Not all businesses require the same amount of attention when addressing computer and IT technology issues. SecureSI makes sure you get exactly what your business needs and not what you don’t need.

Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve

Let us be your IT advocate. We’ll not only a create better user experience for you, but we also take ownership of every project and incident from start to finish – keeping our focus on moving your business forward. Because we excel at first-call resolution, it means there is less unproductive time for business. SecureSI stays ahead of the technology curve and is your guide in the ever-evolving technology world. We want to be . . . your technology partner!

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