Hosting Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Keep your data secure by trusting SecureSI with your private hosting needs.

Our cutting-edge data center offers a range of products, including independent chassis management, fully virtualized environments, and private cloud services. For added security, we monitor our system 24/ 7. To secure your data even further, we offer redundant power and internet connections to ensure your site and systems are always accessible. Having these fully redundant servers, SANs, and our advanced network equipment at your disposal means you’ll never have to worry about losing your data.”

Our advanced network equipment safeguards your data against all possible threats, and backs up your information to local and off-site secure locations as often as every 5 seconds.

Your Private Cloud

By creating a private cloud for your team, we place your data at your fingertips while also ensuring security and preventing data loss.

Your private cloud can only be accessed by your organization, which provides you with industry-leading control, privacy, and convenience. We offer Tier 2 through 4 data center facilities that work alongside our operations and management centers to make your data secure and readily available to you.

Complete Storage and Backup

SecureSI provides storage and design implementation for companies like yours.

With us being well-versed with NAS/SAN storage management on all tiers, we can help you plan for both current and future capacity needs as your business grows and optimize storage requirements every step of the way